To Evoque or to Evoke: that is the question (the power of our brain)


Don’t you just love your brain? The absolute power of it!

I love using myself as a training ground so that I can speak with you, my client, with firsthand knowledge of what I am sharing with you. And so another experiment took place this past week. If you knew me, you’d know that I am in the market for a new car and in true Juanene-style, I got myself a copy of the Car magazine and pen and paper and of course everyone’s ‘trusted friend’ Google, on standby.

And so the search began… And for those who know me, know it’s not about the colour first (and no red does not go faster); it’s about the torque and engine capacity and fuel consumption (and recently A/T versus Manual) and then stuff like colour and price …

I came up with a list of cars and started making appointments at the various dealerships for test-drives… And then the fun began.

The power of our brain is simply gobsmacking! Why do I say this? Now the Evoque is a car that I cannot currently afford, and that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to drive one and so it wasn’t on my ‘test-drive’ list…

And yet….EVERY car that I have seen over the past week is what? Yes! You guessed it. An Evoque. It’s as if Range Rover has a buy 1 get 1 free offer on.

And here’s the insight…If my brain has been so incredibly crafty in evoking an Evoque at every stop sign and traffic light and everything in between…What else do I wish to evoke with the power of my brain?

Our unconscious minds are like incredible computers just waiting to be instructed by us. What instructions are you giving your unconscious mind right now?

I know that as of now, I am clear; crystal clear as to what I am programming into my computer! How about you?

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