To breathe, it is our birthright


By our birthright it is a given and yet I think from time to time, whilst we are still in the mood of living, we get sucked into the frenzy, the spinning and spewing of life and come close to dying as we forget to breathe.

In the maelstrom of cars and buses and traffic and sodden pedestrians earlier this morning I became aware of the tension that was palpable around me. From the honking of hooters to the persistent swishing of windscreen wipers, to the shouts of desperation from a pedestrian being drenched in another wave of water from the tyres of an inconsiderate driver; all holding onto breath in the tension and tautness that was in the air.

I noticed how I too had at some point started breathing shallowly ; how my shoulders were tense; how my knuckles clenched the steering wheel, white…Forgetting to breathe…I had to get to my appointment, I was going to be late…

And then the screeching noise and inevitable metal against metal…Crash! My sharp breath and burning in my lungs – a long drawn in breath – a reminder to breathe and loosen my grip and drop my shoulders.

How often in your day do you consciously remember to breathe? What are the triggers, so subtle at best, that drop you into a body deprived of its birthright – the right to breathe?

When we forget to breathe, what else are we forgetting to be, do and have?

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