The Kaleidoscope Methodology encapsulates Juanene Frydman’s philosophy of viewing leadership through the lens of a kaleidoscope. It is a practical analogy that defines how each individual is capable of refocusing their objectives and reconnecting with their potential.

“Most often our lives are lived in the realms of black and white with a touch of grey. Yet when we find the personal courage to hold our lives up for inspection and shift our perspective, we can infuse colour and vibrancy into the dulled patterns that have formed in our lives. The opportunity to be curious allows us to ask the questions that will allow us to reconnect with who we are and what we want for ourselves. With cautious abandon, we can then explore the possibilities of our more colour-filled lives.” – Juanene Frydman

As a coaching methodology and philosophy, shifting of the ‘Kaleidoscope’ is the prequel to everything that we eventually manifest in our lives. Once we have twirled our lives around – gotten back into focus – we are then able to see the ‘shapes and forms’ of possibility.

The three steps:

The Kaleidoscope Methodology begins with exploring the childlike space of curiosity and awe, allowing us to ask the simple question “Why?” with genuine intrigue.

  • Why am I in the space that I am?
  • Why am I in the job / relationship / quandary that I am in?
  • Why am I wanting to change the status quo?
  • Why now?

Asking “Why?” allows us to identify where our world-view (our Kaleidoscope) is out of focus, dimmed or not as vibrant and sharp as it could be. The process of being curious sets the stage for us to become discerning about who we are and what we want for ourselves, and from life. It allows us to ask questions with serenity, clarity and courage.

The next step in the process is to reconnect and refocus. Living in our intellect and constantly striving to be smarter and greater, we begin to pay less attention to our bodies and our emotions.
In essence, we become disconnected from ourselves. We live with our shoulders as extensions of our earlobes; we breathe shallowly and sit at the edge of our seats. These are all manifestations of being unaware of our physical state as it becomes our norm.

The final step is to regain focus. Our ‘Kaleidoscope’ becomes clearer and crisper as our world-view and perspective is shifted into focus; when we see tangible possibility.

The fractals of the kaleidoscope are the various aspects of our lives e.g. our work life, our religion or spirituality, our engagement with our friends , our
relationship with a spouse or partner etc.

All of this holds colour and clarity when we take the first step of stepping back – of leaning out – and becoming curious as to: Why?