Juanene opens the platform for conversation with people who want to change the ‘dullness’ of what is their world-view and are ready to step into conversations of courage; to bring clarity and focus into their lives.

Executive and Corporate Coaching, and Facilitation is offered to leaders, entrepreneurs and senior executives. Although practising primarily in South Africa, Juanene works with a multitude of international clients.

Coaching and Facilitation are offered in various formats:

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching enables individual leaders who are wanting to create a greater sense of visibility and recognition.

“Juanene is not a life coach – she is a passionate developer of people. She is deeply invested in the growth of human beings and has not only the sharpest tools, but the sharpest mind to sculpt, to shape and to co-create the very best of, from, with a person. But I make it sound too clinical … Juanene brings a warmth, a gentleness and a very real humaneness to her coaching sessions. She will go on a journey with you and will go out of her way to find you what you need. But at the same time, don’t expect an easy ride – Juanene is skilled in applying exactly the right pressure to promote progression. She is sincerely anti-stagnation and will do everything in her powers to prevent this. If you want movement, if you like shifts in perspectives, if you enjoy a challenge that will make you stretch, then Juanene is exactly the right person for you. Consider yourself blessed to have crossed her path, whether as a coach, a mentor, an ally, a friend … they kind of become inseparable.” – Dr Gillian Attwood, Canon Collins


Team & Group Coaching

Team and Group Coaching enables an executive team or group in achieving cohesion and a high level of performance.

“The ultimate value of any coaching/training is how much of it you remember and apply in the weeks thereafter. It’s almost 5 weeks since attending Juanene’s Archetypes session and her insights and reflections are still in my thoughts as I analyse my behaviours and those of my colleagues. It feels good to be choosing which ones I change allowing for a more resilient approach to work/life and real emotional tolerance. Juanene’s brave talk about her life journey gave me thoughtful insights about myself, family, friends and colleagues and most importantly, how to truly respect them.
The half-day session allowed for quick and insightful assimilations of the true dynamics within the group. Juanene sensitively provides a balance between the teaching of archetypes, sharing her own learning while allowing space for each participant to experience their own developmental needs. She successfully achieves this with her strong intuition of each individual on the course, and firmly guides them on their journey in the most profound way – she is excellent!” – Jenny Jardine,  Parsons Brinckerhoff


Bespoke Coaching & Facilitation

Bespoke Coaching and Facilitation addresses bespoke needs that require unique conversations and engagements; extending to group, team and individual conversations