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How would you describe the difference between the two? Yes, there is a difference! Hearing is defined by the Collins Dictionary as “the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived”, whilst listening “the act of concentrating on hearing something”. Unless you are hearing impaired, hearing is then the involuntary process of perceiving sound by…(Read More)


By our birthright it is a given and yet I think from time to time, whilst we are still in the mood of living, we get sucked into the frenzy, the spinning and spewing of life and come close to dying as we forget to breathe…(Read More)


For the longest time I’ve told the story that I’m an A-type personality and have found assessments to corroborate the belief from MBTI to Enneagram to Archetypal studies and anything in between. The past week has had me being curious about one trait of the so-called A-type me: The need…(Read More)


Don’t hit me, I’m new


I heard a friend telling a story about a 3 year old who had been ‘caught out’ by his Mom and before his Mom could scold or reprimand him, he held up his hand and stated “please don’t hit me, I’m new…(Read More)